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Happy 2023

Welcome to a new season.

This is the year we would be sitting at the tables that God has prepared for us.

This is the year of Relaxation knowing that he keeps him in perfect peace whose mind stays on him.

This is the year of allies - All people will be on your side to bring about the God given goals and success that is written in your destiny.

Friends and Foes alike.

This is the y ear of care.n Care for yourself, Care for your mind, Care for people and care for creation. This is the year of reaping where you have not planted. Of abundance , Of recognition , Of influence, Of recompense, Of restoration, Of refining, Of rebuttal.

This is my year. This is your year.

Thank you for joining me in this new space. I have alot to offer and that gift is going to make room for me this year.

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